What Software Developers Need To Know
1.  Address Your Clients’ Concerns

2.  Increase the attractiveness of your software

3.  Protect your source code

4.  Reduce the risk of litigation

When a potential customer considers purchasing a licence for your software, they naturally concern themselves with the issues of maintenance and continued technical support – your ability to continue to provide good service. Most end-users would not sign a license agreement without allaying these concerns, choosing instead to buy software from a larger organisation that represents a lower risk to their business.

If you were to go out of business or no longer provide support, the risks to your potential customer’s business is too high – not to mention the risk of litigation to you. Implementing a source code escrow arrangement reduces your customers risk and increases the reasons to buy your software.

Harbinger provides source code escrow services. The service is a goodwill gesture on your part that acts like an insurance policy for your clients. They would be granted access to certain materials – under specific circumstances that you determine – that would enable them to continue to operate.

As a software vendor, you can put your potential clients at ease and gain their confidence by offering escrow protection upfront.

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  • Level the playing field – offering escrow allows you to provide the same level of confidence and trust that a customer would expect from a larger software vendor
  • Shorten the sales process –having an existing escrow arrangement in place avoids legal complications
  • Build strong relationships – by implementing an escrow arrangement you establish the credibility of your business and help to establish trust
  • Safeguard your customer’s investment – provides customers with comfort that the tangible value of your software to your customer’s business is protected

We offer

  • Your choice of either standard or tailored escrow agreements
  • Fast service establishment – 24 hours for standard agreements
  • A secure online escrow management system
  • Compliance and lodgement activity monitoring
  • Active AlertsTM that prompts you when an escrow lodgement is due
  • Online and telephone support
  • Software agreement, contract and procurement advice
  • Software risk management consulting
  • Software verification services
  • Lodgement auditing services
To find out more or to talk to one of our escrow specialists, please contact us on +61 3 9618 2000