What are the electronic lodgement system’s specifications?

What are the electronic lodgement system’s specifications?



  • ASIO T4 Standard Security consisting of three layers of physical barriers
  • ASIO endorsed Electronic Access Control System
  • ASIO endorsed Security Alarm Systems
  • VeriSign compliant
  • CCTV cameras, including analytics
  • Located remote from geographic risk sources (flight paths, highways, fuel storage)
  • Secure computer racks nd cabinets
  • Facility staffed 24×7
  • All hosting staff carry Australian government security clearances



  • Uptime Institute Tier II facility
  • On-site substation fed from dual power grids
  • Diesel generators, with 28 hours of fuel storage on site
  • Priority resupply from petroleum distributer
  • 750 kVA rotary UPS in N+1 configuration

Environment Control

  • Comprehensive Building Management system
  • Redundant Air Conditioning (N+1)
  • Humidity control

Fire Suppression System

  • VESDA aspirated smoke detector sensor equipment
  • Aragonite gaseous fire suppression
  • Non-greenhouse, non-ozone depleting alternative to FM200
  • Local zoning

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