What are the benefits of Harbinger’s online escrow system ?

What are the benefits of Harbinger’s online escrow system ?

Harbinger’s online escrow management system ensures your escrow agreements are as healthy as they can be. Our service is designed to ensure your escrow agreements are maintained and compliant, with the minimum of effort from you.


It offers round the clock monitoring services with several staff on standby to respond to any discrepancies as they arise. This includes our industry leading Active AlertsTM that dynamically compare lodgements with the requirements of your escrow agreements.

Support Arrangements

Every escrow customer has direct access to e-mail and “call me back” telephone support to assist you in getting the most out of your membership.

Training Arrangements

It includes comprehensive context sensitive help and online training material. If you would prefer a manual, we would be happy to send you our latest user manual. You may also access our support center by telephone.

System Upgrades

You will automatically receive  system upgrades. Harbinger is constantly monitoring trends and innovation in security and performance to ensure that the systems and processes guarding your IP and escrow lodgements continue to achieve best practice. We will introduce you to new features enhancements and extensions to our services as they become available.

As a member, you also have a say in what features and services Harbinger’s online escrow management system will provide in the future.

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