Website Escrow

Copying your website without your permission is simple and an all too common violation of your rights.

If you find the results of your hard work, your valuable ideas, your investment and time – have mysteriously appeared on your competitors website, what can you or your lawyer do?

Who was first? Who owns the intellectual property rights? How do you prove your claim? These are some of the difficult questions you may need to answer.

Website escrow is for you if:

  • you have a website that you regard as intellectual property, asset or a competitive advantage
  • you are an agency or developer that provides web content, website development or online marketing
  • you are a lawyers who need to preserve evidence of your client’s intellectual property

How we help

Harbinger independently stores your website’s source code and takes digital snapshots at agreed time intervals. Snapshots and source code are stored in our tailor-made escrow management system complete with a digital signature and a time-stamp.

This provides you with an independent auditable history of your website that can be used to:

  • assert your intellectual property rights,
  • defend against demands made by a competitor or other third party asserting their rights over certain intellectual property,
  • provide a disaster recovery option
Call Harbinger today on +61 3 9618 2000 to discuss your website. We will be happy to consider your needs in detail and tailor our services to meet your requirements and budget.