"As a major insurer, we expect all of our custom-built software to be placed into escrow. Harbinger meets all of our expectations and continues to provide excellent service......"

- Manager, finance and insurance -

"We needed to get an agreement in place with our investors quickly. You turned it around in less than a day and in doing that, it removed a major hiccup in our capital raising process..."

- Director, tech start-up, software development -

"Harbinger provided the environment and expertise that we needed to verify that our developer's source code was complete. We will definitely use them next year... "

- Metcash - ICT Manager, Retail, FMC -

In today’s technology dependent world, escrow agreements are almost always necessary...... it is a smart and effective component of a business continuity strategy that software licencees can use to protect their mission critical applications

- Securing Your Strategic ICT Investments - Gartner -

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