Why can’t I use GitHub, Dropbox for my escrow lodgements?

This is a question we often get from customers new to escrow. The easiest way to explain it is by using an example. The software developer stores their software on GitHub and provides access credentials (a username and password) to the escrow agent – who stores the credentials as part of the escrow arrangement. Later, the relationship between the software developer and the customer breaks down and the customer calls on the escrow agreement to gain access to the source code so that they can continue to do business normally. But meanwhile the software developer can access Github and interfere …

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What does 0/1 Records Lodged mean in the escrow system?

The 0/1 Records Lodged refers to the <number of sub-folders>/<number of files> within that record. For almost all our customers, you will see 0/1 next to records. This indicates that there are zero sub-folders and 1 file (record) associated with that entry.

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How do I create a MD5 Checksum

When lodging your Deposit Material into Harbinger’s escrow management system, you will need to provide a MD5 checksum. When your lodgement has been uploaded, the checksum you provided will be compared with the file that is received by Harbinger. This will ensure that the lodgement is complete and intact. There are two simple ways to create an MD5 checksum: Use your computer’s in-built command utilities Download and use a checksum generator Command Utilities Windows: Open a command prompt Type: CertUtil -hashfile <path to your file> MD5 Mac / Unix: Open a terminal window Type: MD5 <path to your file> Checksum …

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