How do I create a MD5 Checksum

When lodging your Deposit Material into Harbinger’s escrow management system, you will need to provide a MD5 checksum. When your lodgement has been uploaded, the checksum you provided will be compared with the file that is received by Harbinger. This will ensure that the lodgement is complete and intact. There are two simple ways to create an MD5 checksum: Use your computer’s in-built command utilities Download and use a checksum generator Command Utilities Windows: Open a command prompt Type: CertUtil -hashfile <path to your file> MD5 Mac / Unix: Open a terminal window Type: MD5 <path to your file> Checksum …

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What is a checksum?

A checksum is a sequence of numbers and letters used to ensure data integrity and check for errors. An MD5 checksum will look like this: 3b4bb8427198691854edf860d8b08492 If we know the checksum of your Deposit Materials file, we can use that checksum to confirm that the Deposit Materials that we received and stored in escrow are identical to what you uploaded. You create the MD5 checksum before uploading the file. We compare that to the checksum we create when we receive and store the file. Checksums can easily be created for your Deposit Material file using your computer’s operating system or …

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