Software Escrow
We understand the importance of intellectual property and provide a range of services to protect your business.

Software End-users

Reduce business risk
Protect your business


Sell more software
Protect your intellectual property


Safeguard your client’s property
Protect access to intellectual property

By leveraging the latest in online lodgement management, technology and data security, we provide the most efficient method of implementing and administering escrow arrangements.

That’s why we offer a suite of escrow solutions including:

We provide and administer escrow services including electronic lodgement, verification, reporting, alerts, software auditing, technical and legal services

With Harbinger as your escrow agent, you will leverage a team of experts who understand the value of your source code, are specialists in the administration of software and intellectual property escrow and are dedicated to looking after your property.

  • Our unique online escrow management systems that provide you with an ease of use that that no other escrow agent can match.
  • Flexible and economical escrow agreements
  • Incremental lodging of additional material
  • Security encryption and checksum confirmation of the accuracy of escrow materials
  • Redundant geographically remote storage vaults
  • Rapid escrow agreement setup
  • Online escrow lodgement and management
  • Active Alerts – proactive monitoring of escrow agreement compliance
  • Independent software verification
  • A team of qualified technologists and lawyers
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