Why use an Escrow Agent

A founding principle of escrow agents is to remain neutral. It is important that your escrow agent is experienced and an independent third party that is not under the influence or control of either the end-user or the vendor. It is rarely a good idea to simply name one of the party’s lawyers or accountants as the escrow agent. Their duty is to their client – so there is a potential conflict of interest.

Harbinger is an independent and neutral third party who can administer escrow arrangements on your behalf.

Key points to consider

The following are considerations when negotiating agreement with a key software vendor:

Key features of Harbinger’s escrow services:

We offer:

Save time and effort with online escrow management

Once you’ve established an escrow arrangement, you don’t want to spend time managing it. Harbinger’s Escrow Management System actively monitors your arrangements on your behalf. It allows you to:

Standard and Tailored Agreements

Harbinger’s recommended escrow inclusions are published as standard agreements. They are based on best practice and are made available to you as a simple and cost effective means of establishing a robust escrow agreement. However, Harbinger’s escrow professionals can also work with you to tailor agreements with the right level of protection that meet the demands of your corporate risk profile.

Harbinger’s Advisory Services

Harbinger’s escrow services have been developed through decades of experience in software development, technology usage and IT law. They include the features and services our customers have told us they want.  However, your needs today are unique. We will advise you on the most appropriate services to achieve the level of protection you desire for your business – for one specific application or an entire risk management strategy.

Privacy and Security

You can take comfort from knowing that your data is always secure and protected. Our online data centre meets Australian Government ASIO data security requirements. All data is fully backed up to a secondary location in Harbinger’s own offline data vault. We understand technology and protect your interests with the integrity you expect.

Harbinger provides unmatched intellectual property protection for vendors and end-users. Many of Australia’s top companies trust Harbinger as their neutral third party to provide escrow services.

To find out more or to talk to one of our escrow specialists, please contact us on +61 3 9618 2000.