MD5 Checksum generator for MAC

MD5 Checksum generator for MAC

If you don’t have a checksum generator on your computer then you can install this app to generate MD5 checksums for for your escrow lodgements.

This checksum generator is called “Jacksum”. It will integrate into Mac Finder’s script menu.
To enable, make sure that you activated the Apple Script Menu:

  • Search for Script Editor
  • Open Script Editor
  • Open Preferences
  • Open the General tab
  • Select the Script Menu checkbox.

The Script Editor icon will now appear in your menu bar.

To generate an MD5 checkum:

  • Go to Finder
  • Select the file that you wish to lodge into escrow
  • click on the Script Editor icon
  • Select Jacksum
  • choose MD5 from the drop-down list

The checksum will appear in a terminal box.

Copy and save the checksum hash key only

When lodging your file into Harbinger’s escrow management system, Paste the checksum here:

When the lodgement has been uploaded, the checksum you created will be compared with the file that is received by Harbinger to ensure that the lodgement is complete and intact.

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