IP Protection
When you enter into a contract that refers to your intellectual property, how do you prove that it actually existed?

Harbinger’s Intellectual Property Protection ( IP Protection) provides the solution.

The owner of the IP simply places their material into an electronic archive with Harbinger. We date-stamp and securely store the material (or evidence of the existence of the material). We ensure the integrity of the archived material by prohibiting alterations.

Our clients use Harbinger to protect:

  • inventions
  • software
  • data
  • products
  • encryption keys
  • websites
  • text (authorship)

If requested by the parties, we make the materials available:

  • for inspection, copying, release, or testing as agreed by the parties to the agreement.
  • as evidence in the event of a dispute, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Our IP Protection services document and evidence that your IP existed at a point in time and that this can be independently verified in the future.

Harbinger is a trusted neutral third party. We use our experience as Australia’s specialist escrow agent to provide dated, independent verification of your IP. We have the facilities to allow efficient lodgement, and we ensure the confidentiality and security of your businesses most valuable asset. Your IP.

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