Investor Escrow

Investor Escrow is used where an investor requires more security than simply company shares or debt instruments. If a default should occur on an investment agreement, the investor may be afforded certain rights to intellectual property.

  • Are you looking to invest in a business that develops or uses intellectual property?
  • Do you use or develop intellectual property?
  • Do you need to ensure that you have access to certain IP?
  • Are you required to protect your IP for investors?

Harbinger provides a unique Investor Escrow service that delivers security for investors and comfort for IP owners. By using Harbinger’s independent escrow facilities, both investors and owners of intellectual property are equally protected.

Our Investor Escrow service is designed to provide the online lodgement, storage and administration of IP for the owner, and continuous monitoring, management and reporting for the investor.

Lodgements can be verified to ensure that the escrow lodgement contains the agreed materials. Harbinger provides independent corroboration of lodged IP material. This can be valuable in legal disputes. In some cases it may even prevent or help determine the outcome.

An owner of IP with the foresight or prudence to implement Investor Escrow will have a significant advantage in attracting investment.

To speak to one of our specialists about Investor Escrow or other IP protection services please phone: +61 3 9618 2000.