How to lodge your Deposit Materials Online

How to lodge your Deposit Materials Online

What are Deposit Materials?

Each time you lodge your Deposit Materials, it must be a complete set as described in your escrow agreement

Step 1: Zip

  • Put all of your Deposit Materials into one folder on your computer.
  • Zip the folder into a single file.
  • (Optional) For extra security, you may choose to password protect your zip file. 

Step 2: Checksum

  • Generate a MD5 checksum for your zip file.

Step 3: Upload

  • Under Vault Contents, select the vault that you wish to upload your Deposit Materials into
  • Select Escrow Materials
  • Select Update lodgement. 
  • Select the local file you wish to upload
  • Paste the MD5 checksum that you generated from your zip file 
  • Add a description (optional)
  • Click Update lodgement. The escrow management system will upload your Deposit Materials (This may take some time depending on the size of your lodgement).

Step 4: Send password

  • If you used a password to secure your Materials, click on the lodgement password link from the front page
  • Complete the email with the password details and send