How to lodge your Escrow Materials Manually

How to lodge your Escrow Materials Manually

While we recommend lodging your escrow materials online, you may prefer to lodge your materials manually if:

  • the size of the escrow lodgement makes lodging online difficult
  • you prefer traditional manual lodgement for other reasons.

In this case, Harbinger will be happy to accept your escrow lodgement manually. Please note that additional fees will apply for each manual lodgement received and processed by Harbinger.

Each time you lodge your materials manually, it must be a complete set as described in your escrow agreement

What you will need:

  • The escrow materials (we recommended in an encrypted format)
  • Two identical storage media (each media must be no larger than 100mm x 100mm x 50mm)
  • Two identical envelopes large enough to insert one instance of the storage media
  • One large envelope or courier satchel large enough to insert both large envelopes (above)
  • Clear tape
  • Ball point pen or similar
  • An Authorised Representative  

Step 1: Prepare Media and Lodgements

  • Copy all escrow materials onto each of the two identical storage media
  • Place one storage medium into each envelope and seal
  • The Authorised Representative must sign across each of the envelope seals
  • Cover the envelope seals with clear tape ensuring that the Authorised Representative’s signature is covered and visible

Step 2: Dispatch Escrow Materials to Harbinger

  • Place the two identical envelopes containing identical media into the large envelope / courier satchel
  • Address the envelope as follows:
    • Daniela Jennings
    • Harbinger Escrow Services
    • 17 Caroline Street
    • South Yarra 3141
    • Australia
  • Include return address details
  • Use Registered Post or courier with signature on receipt to deliver the large envelope to Harbinger.

Step 3: Send encryption key (password) to Harbinger

  • If you encrypted (used a password) to secure your Materials, you must sent the password to Harbinger
  • Log in to your Harbinger Escrow account using the username provided in your welcome email from Harbinger
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hems_login.png
  • click on the lodgement password link from the front page
  • Complete the email with the password details and click send