How to Establish Software Escrow


That’s where we come in!

While implementing software escrow is new to many of us, we do it every day. We’ll guide you though the steps so that you can be assured that right agreement is in place and your intellectual property is secure.

Usually, the following steps can be expected when implementing a new software escrow agreement:

  • Step 1: Choose the escrow agreement that is right for your business.
  • Step 2: Fill out the online information form
  • Step 3: Check through the agreement, sign and return
  • Step 4: Deposit your materials into escrow

Following are further parts of Harbinger’s service that you can rely on to help establish your escrow arrangement:

  • Creating a tailored agreement based on your existing contractual relationships
  • Providing technical consultations on depositing a given type of software
  • Checking the integrity of escrow materials
  • Verifying the completeness of escrow materials according to the inventory
  • Verification of other conditions agreed on within the escrow agreement
  • Scanning for viruses malware or other embedded threats
  • Report on lodgement materials
  • Monitoring the timeliness of lodgements.

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