How is Harbinger different from other escrow agents?

How is Harbinger different from other escrow agents?

The Harbinger team originate from the legal and technology services industry and have decades of experience in software, data security, technology procurement, legal and commercial agreements. We understand that there are several key elements to providing quality escrow services:

Facilities – electronic data must be handled and stored appropriately to secure, protect and preserve the code so that it can be used in a time of need to support the application. Harbinger provides state of the art replicated storage facilities in Australia. The online vaults are designed to meet the highest standards of data storage, withstand catastrophic failure and natural disasters without affecting the contents of the stored files. In addition, Harbinger has developed proprietary transmission, storage and retrieval system to safeguard our client’s intellectual property while in transit and in our custody.

Experience – Harbinger specialise in software escrow. Our clients rely upon us to add value to their business by implementing and administering escrow processes to reduce the risk of doing business. Further, Harbinger periodically run “release scenarios” to ensure that when a release request occurs, Harbinger has the experience and the procedures in place to administer the escrow terms with authority.

Speed – Harbinger is committed to providing the most responsive and professional services in our industry. In most circumstances we will provide a “same day” response time upon request for agreement executions, beneficiary enrollments, and more.

A unique online interface We provide our clients with online access so they can:

  • make escrow lodgements online – ¬†provides vendors with a file encryption, transmission (and reception) tool that provides secure file transfer between the Vendor and the online vault
  • monitor compliance with an agreement – Information on each deposit received from a vendor is entered into our lodgement tracking systems to help ensure agreement compliance, and to provide precision in the storage and retrieval of deposits material.
  • receive reports, audit and verification results – End-users who choose to have their escrowed source code verified can access the results and reports on the verification and testing online
  • form Release Request Communities – If a single Release Event occurs that triggers a Release Request from several end users Harbinger will assist in the formation of common user groups to help with finding a resolution to the ongoing development and support needs of the group
  • access account information – End-users and vendors can access, review and update their account information
  • review current agreements – current (and historical) agreements are stored and summarised in an online interface

Pre-packaged and tailored escrow agreements – Harbinger has designed agreements to provide flexibility with regards to initial structure and long term usability. With Harbinger there are no proprietary terms that will hinder flexibility later or require separate agreements depending upon your release conditions. The flexibility designed into our escrow agreements makes meeting current and future escrow requirements as efficient and economical as possible with out compromising quality.

In the end, many companies can provide software escrow services and meet one or two of these key benefits. However, only Harbinger can provide all four key benefits and meet your budgetary requirements.

Our services are designed with both small and large vendors and end-users in mind. For example:

  • If you have escrow agreements with multiple vendors and suppliers, then you will find our online systems, vault view, automated alerts and proactive reporting service particularly useful. It removes time-consuming low-value activities from your business.and provides improved compliance and accountability.

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