Harbinger’s Online Escrow Management System

Harbinger’s Online Escrow Management System

At the heart of Harbinger’s escrow service is a unique online interface

We provide our clients with online access so they can:

  • Make escrow lodgements online- Harbinger’s escrow management system provides vendors with a file encryption, transmission (and reception) tool that provides secure file transfer between the Vendor and the online vault
  • Monitor compliance with an agreement – Information on each deposit received from a vendor is entered into our lodgement tracking systems to help ensure agreement compliance, and to provide precision in the storage and retrieval of deposits material.
  • Receive reports, audit and verification results – End-users who choose to have their source code verified can access the results and reports on the verification and testing online
  • Form Release Request Communities – If a single Release Event occurs that triggers a Release Request from several end users Harbinger will assist in the formation of End-user groups to help with finding a resolution to the ongoing development and support needs of the group
  • Access account information – End-users and vendors can access, review and update their account information
  • Review current agreements – current (and historical) agreements are stored and summarised in an online interface

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