Gartner’s comments about software source code escrow

Gartner’s comments about software source code escrow

“It is an insurance policy to make sure you have access to that source code should that vendor no longer maintain that software for your organisation, so this gives you an alternative,”

“Inherent to every technology license agreement is a level of risk. Companies that supply and demand technology must adjust to a fast-changing marketplace, and with such uncertainty, precautions are needed. It is very important when setting up an escrow agreement to make sure the contract actually gives the customer the rights it needs in order to maintain that source code.”
Securing your strategic ICT Investments – When licensing software or other technology, the IT, procurement or legal department needs to address increased regulatory compliance pressures to ensure the protection of strategic assets. Often, these strategic assets are in the form of software applications that materially affect a company’s business.
Technology escrow is a smart and effective component of a business continuity strategy that software licensees can use to protect their mission critical applications in an ever-changing environment.

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