Escrow Services
We provide and administer escrow services including electronic lodgement, verification, reporting, alerts, software auditing, technical and legal services.

With Harbinger as your escrow agent, you will leverage a team of experts who understand the value of your source code, are specialists in the administration of software and intellectual property escrow and are dedicated to looking after your property.

By offering you the latest in online lodgement management, technology and data security, we provide the most efficient method of implementing and administering escrow arrangements.

  • Software Escrow

    Tried and tested software source code escrow arrangements
    You need to reduce the risk of using software where you don't own the source code
    You need to protect your interests, manage risk and stay in control of your business

  • SaaS Escrow

    You need to protect your data and access to ONLINE applications.
    You would need IMMEDIATE access to SaaS source code.
    Reduce the risks that are inherent in relying on third-party software vendors.

  • Website Escrow

    you have a website that you regard as intellectual property, asset or a competitive advantage
    you are an agency or developer that provides web content, website development or online marketing
    you are a lawyers who need to preserve evidence of your client's intellectual property

  • Investor Escrow

    Looking to invest in a business that develops or uses intellectual property,
    You use or develop intellectual property,
    You need to ensure that you have access to certain IP,
    You are required to protect your IP for investors,

What would happen to your business?

What would the impact be if software you use every day was no longer available?

What is Source Code Escrow
An escrow agent holds one party’s materials in safe custody. If a defined event occurs, the materials are released to another party.

It reduces the risks of using software in your business.

Most commonly, software escrow (also called source code escrow) services are used to store a software developers’ intellectual property (source code). In the event that the software developer can no longer meet their obligations, the source code may be released to the end user. This ensures that the end-user can continue to operate their business as usual.

For end-users; Not having access to the source code for mission critical software is an unacceptable risk to your business. What guarantees do you have if the software vendor goes out of business, stops maintaining the software, or simply doesn’t meet service levels? Harbinger’s software escrow forms an is an essential part of modern technology services contracts. It not only delivers compliance with best procurement practices, but most importantly it also reduces the risk to your business.

For software developers;  Escrowing your software improves the marketability of your products and demonstrates willingness to reduce your customer’s risk. It makes it easier for them to choose your software.

Using Harbinger Escrow, you can know that your precious property will be kept safe and secure.

The software developer provides working software (also called object code) to the End-User.

This is normally controlled by a software license agreement, or service agreement between the Developer and the End-User

The software developer provides the human readable code (known as source code) to the Escrow Agent.

This will often include build instructions, blueprints and other information that would be needed to modify the software or compile it into working software. These materials are securely held in safe custody by the escrow agent.

If certain conditions are met, the source code is released to the end-user.

In a carefully controlled process triggered by an explicit event (like the software developer going out of business), the materials held in safe custody by the escrow agent are released to the End-User allowing them to continue to do business normally.

What We Offer

Flexible Agreements

The choice of either Harbinger’s standard escrow agreement templates, tailored escrow agreements or the Australian government GITC pro-forma

Fast Setup

Fast escrow service establishment with our team of qualified technologists and lawyers available to advise and guide you each step of the way.

Simple to Manage

Easy to use, secure online escrow management systems, redundant and geographically remote data storage vaults,

7-day Support

Online and telephone support, our unique Active Alerts™ that monitor your agreements, Harbinger’s knowledgebase to answer your questions.
Escrow Packages
Choose from one of our escrow service packages – or build your own!

Basic Escrow


per annum

    • Harbinger’s Standard Two or Three Party Agreement
    • Online lodgement of materials
    • 4 lodgements per year
    • 250mb storage
    • Vendor only access to Escrow System
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Standard Escrow


per annum

    • Harbinger’s Standard Two or Three Party Agreement
    • Online lodgement of materials
    • 12 lodgements per year
    • 500mb storage
    • Vendor and End-user access to Escrow System
    • Active Alerts
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Premium Escrow


per annum

    • Harbinger’s Standard Two or Three Party Agreement
    • Online lodgement
    • 12 lodgements per year
    • 500mb storage
    • Vendor and End-user access to Escrow System
    • Active Alerts
    • Annual verification (level 0)
    • Annual report
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Tailored Escrow


per annum

    • Your escrow agreement or amendments to ours
    • Choose online or physical lodgement
    • Choose lodgements per year
    • Choose storage quota
    • Choose number of users to access the Escrow System
    • Choose verification
    • Choose escrow and Verification report
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"As a major insurer, we expect all of our custom-built software to be placed into escrow. Harbinger meets all of our expectations and continues to provide excellent service......"

- Manager, finance and insurance -

"We needed to get an agreement in place with our investors quickly. You turned it around in less than a day and in doing that, it removed a major hiccup in our capital raising process..."

- Director, tech start-up, software development -

"Harbinger provided the environment and expertise that we needed to verify that our developer's source code was complete. We will definitely use them next year... "

- Metcash - ICT Manager, Retail, FMC -

In today’s technology dependent world, escrow agreements are almost always necessary...... it is a smart and effective component of a business continuity strategy that software licencees can use to protect their mission critical applications

- Securing Your Strategic ICT Investments - Gartner -

More Information

For Software End-Users
Protect your business
Reduce risk
For Software Developers
Sell more software
Protect your intellectual property
For Lawyers
Safeguard your clients business
Protect access to intellectual property
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