Can we store our materials in one vault rather than two?

All our escrow services provide for the materials to be stored in two geographically seperate and discrete locations. This is to enhance security and redundancy as part of our data security process. For example, if there was a natural disaster that affects one of our vaults, then we can rely on an exact replica of the materials that is stored in a different location.

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Can we send material directly to Harbinger’s vaults?

No. The “chain of custody” is very important to ensure that the materials are not tampered with. If you have chosen to lodge manually, then the media must be sent to Harbinger’s offices so the lodgement can be recorded. Harbinger staff will then lodge the materials into Harbinger’s vaults. This will ensure that no one else is involved in the process. If the media were to be delivered directly to the vaults, then Harbinger is unable to confirm if the media has been tampered with.

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