How do I work out the cost of large lodgements

Your escrow service includes a certain lodgement size – usually 250Mb or 500Mb. If you need to lodge more than this, that’s totally fine. Additional storage is charged on a sliding scale like this (Basic escrow subscription): 0 – 250Mb. Included with your escrow subscription 250 – 1Gb. $276 per 250Mb 1Gb to 10Gb. $117 per 1Gb 10Gb to 100Gb. $117 per 10Gb Additional storage is charged annually in arrears.

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How do I terminate my three-party escrow agreement

Most escrow agreements are three-party agreements. That means they can only be terminated through the agreement of all three parties. The Vendor and End-user are required to provide Harbinger with a written request on their company letterhead and signed by an Authorised Signatory from that company. The written request should include the date of termination and the agreement number to be terminated. Once Harbinger has received the written requests from the Vendor AND the End-user, the agreement will terminate at 60 days. Please note that annual subscription fees and storage are payable up to the end of the current term. …

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