We have several applications we need to escrow for the same customer

You are welcome to escrow several applications together under one escrow agreement. Please keep in mind that in the event of a release, the escrow agent will be obliged to release all the materials to all the beneficiaries. If you need the escrow agent to treat each discreet application differently, that would require seperate escrow agreements.

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We have data sovereignty requirements for the data to be vaulted in Australia

Yes we meet Australian data sovereignty requirements. All data is stored exclusively in Australia. Many of our clients – including the Federal and state governments have this requirement. For security reasons we dont disclose details about the location of the data vaults but can confirm that both the primary and backup data vaults are within Australia. If you have a requirement to store your escrow lodgements in other countries, we can help there too. Our reciprocal arrangements with other escrow providers world-wide can provide this service for you.

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