What is Source on Ice?

Source on IceTM is an online escrow management system that provides highly secure lodgement, protection and monitoring of valuable intellectual property such as source code.

It is a unique and highly efficient online service that includes:

  • a highly secure online vault
  • the ability for vendors and end-users to monitor activity and view the details of lodgements online
  • special tools for compressing encrypting and lodging deposit materials
  • dynamic rules that reflect the terms of the escrow agreement and assist vendors and end-users comply with their escrow agreement obligations
  • the ability to audit and report on lodgement and agreement activity

Source on Ice has been engineered by security specialists specifically for the storage and preservation of data escrow lodgements.

Using encryption and security technology coupled with the accessibility of the Internet, everyone's data is protected in a manner that was once the realm of only large companies and governments. Source on Ice provides security for escrowed data and can also act as protection for Vendors from catastrophic data loss.

Source on Ice is "designed to fail" without impacting data integrity. The Source on Ice vault is equipped with devices that monitor aspects of the electronic and physical environment.