We prefer not to lodge online. can we send Harbinger a tape or a cd?

Yes you can!

Regardless of how secure our online lodgement systems are, we find some of our vendors just prefer traditional and time-proven methods of transfering their precious source code to us. If this is you, rest assured, you can still take advantage of all Harbinger has to offer. We will be happy to  accept delivery of your materials, and lodge them securely into our electronic vault on your behalf.

The offline transfer process is also simple. We will handle the bulk of the administrative details related to the transfer and will provide detailed instructions to you once we fully understand your requirements.

We can accept most forms of media including:

  • DVD
  • CD
  • Minidisc
  • DAT
  • DLT
  • USB / Firewire devices
  • SCSI, SATA, IDE based storage
  • .... many more

Note: There may be additional handling fees due for receipt and storage of manual lodgements.