We recommend that escrow lodgments are verified to ensure that the escrowed material is complete, accurate and up-to-date. As many as 90% of source code deposits held in escrow are found to be incomplete before software verification was completed.

Traditional escrow methods assume that the escrowed material is complete and usable by the end-user. There is no check on whether this is in-fact true. Harbinger offers a superior service. Harbinger's escrow service include several software verification options.

Escrow deposits consist of source code and often a range of additional key materials that are needed to ensure the source code is effective. Verifying the deposits ensures that they are legitimate, complete and will work as expected when you need them. Verification enhances the overall value of your escrow agreements.

Harbinger offers you four options for verification:






Tailored verification services.

Of course, these three verification solutions will not suit all software and businesses. We would be happy to tailor verification services to suit your particular needs.

Supervised Compilation

The test compilation of the source code (part of Level 2 Deposit Analysis) is a time-consuming exercise. Supervised Compilation occurs when the escrow agent attends the vendor's workplace, confirms the build environment documentation, observes the compilation of the source code into object code, observes the working object code and then supervises the lodgement of the materials into escrow.

Often it is necessary to repeat the compilation process several times if there is discrepancy in the vendor's build instructions. 

Talk to us about Supervised Compilation - a cost effective alternative to test compilation.

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