Software escrow for vendors and developers

An escrow arrangement is in effect; a licence granted by the software vendor to the end-user for end-user access to the source code under specific conditions.


Harbinger offers source code escrow services that have been designed by technology and legal specialists especially for software developers and vendors. We have simplified the process and removed the burden of administering multiple escrow arrangements.

We provide:

  • An online escrow management system,- Source on Ice" to manage, monitor and control your escrow arrangements

  • Secure encryption and transmission to make escrow lodgements - or if you prefer to send us your tape or CD, we'll accept that too

  • A data vaulting and backup facility that exceeds government and industry security standards

  • A proactive management service that will alert when you are due to make another lodgement

  • The option of our proven standard agreements, or one tailored to your individual needs

  • Fast agreement review and service set-up

  • The "Harbinger Escrow" logo to display on your marketing collateral or website

Software vendors and developers worldwide are increasingly recognising that:

  • Escrow is a sign of quality, trust and partnership.

  • Your client's request for escrow is legitimate and a compliment to you.

  • It is a sign that your client’s consider your software critical to their business

  • It is a good business governance practice

  • It can help provide a patent and copyright audit trail

  • It underscores your commitment to working in the best interests of your client

To speak to one of our vendor specialists about the most appropriate escrow services for you and your clients
please phone: +61 3 9618 2000.

Harbinger's escrow arrangements provide you with independent auditable documentation to support a patent claim, and robust proof to support an intellectual property copyright claim.

Having your most valued asset in escrow with a neutral third party provides you with a disaster recovery option in the event of an emergency. Harbinger as your escrow agent, will maintain a copy of your intellectual property stored off-site and available to you for restoration.

Modern escrow reduces your dependency on key employees who may have a tendency to ‘hoard’ instead of ‘share’ information.