Protection for your business

Software - or source code escrow arrangements provide  protection for both the buyers / end-users of software, and the vendors.  Properly negotiated and drafted with a help of an experienced escrow agent, significant protection can be accomplished at reasonable cost and on a basis that is truly effective. 

The alternative is for the end-user to be unprotected, which would likely be far more expensive, could take years and have no guarantee of success.

Software escrow is an essential insurance policy for any business today, however you must also consider verifying that the escrowed material is complete and usable - without the aid of your vendor. If your developer goes bankrupt, it's too late.

Part of protecting your access to mission critical software includes verifying that the materials in escrow are complete, up to date and workable. We can help here too. Harbinger provides three levels of software verification to ensure that your business is fully protected.




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