Experience and independence

Harbinger helps reduce business risk by providing a secure, neutral and efficient method for auditing, lodging, storing and verifying critical IP assets like software source code.

Our mission is to deliver the highest level of service, integrity and protection to the marketplace.

We offer the latest in online lodgement and monitoring solutions - Source on Ice” best practice in electronic data security and decades of experience in procurement technology and law.

We’ve earned our reputation by constantly delivering best-in-class IP protection and escrow services that withstand the commercial stresses of today and tomorrow.

Independence - A founding principle of a specialist escrow agent is to remain neutral. It is important that your client’s escrow agent is experienced and an independent third party that is not under the influence or control of either the end-user or the vendor.

Burning software onto a CD, or storing backup tapes in a safe deposit box have been proven ineffective. A specialist escrow agent will have invested in state of the art software storage and management technology and will be able to provide verification services to ensure that the escrow deposits will perform when required.

Harbinger is an independent and neutral third party who can administer escrow arrangements on your behalf. We have invested in developing a state-of-the-art escrow management system that, combined with our verification services, is the preferred solution of some of Australia’s top businesses.

The Harbinger team originate from the legal and technology services industry and have decades of experience in software, data security, technology procurement, legal and commercial agreements. We understand that there are several key elements to providing quality escrow services:

Experience - Harbinger specialise in software escrow. Our clients rely upon us to add value to their business by implementing and administering escrow processes to reduce the risk of doing business. Further, Harbinger periodically run "release scenarios" to ensure that when a release request occurs, Harbinger has the experience and the procedures in place to administer the escrow terms with authority.


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